Hornet Card – Your Campus Credentials

The Hornet Card is the official identification card of SUNY Broome. Issued to all members of the campus community, it is required for identification and access to essential campus services. It also offers a convenient account – Buzz Bucks - for making purchases on campus and off campus at participating local businesses.

Dining - Swipe your Card for access to your meal plan and on-campus dining.

Library Services - Swipe your Card to check out materials at the campus Learning Resources Center.

On Campus Events – Present your Card to attend campus events.

Buzz Bucks - Make cashless purchases at locations on and off campus..

Your Hornet Card is the most important card that you will have at SUNY Broome - vital for accessing campus services. Please carry your Card with you at all times. To ensure durability and validity, do not tamper with, punch holes in, or misuse the Card and protect it from damage by avoiding magnets.